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The Franco-German event series runs throughout the years and comprises three dialogue formats which bring together different actors for an exchange of ideas. At the core of the event series is the cross-sectoral exchange on academic, social, technological and economic processes of transformation. The participants discuss experiences and develop ideas on how Germany and France, along with their European partners, can meet future challenges such as climate change, digitalisation and migration. The goal of the dialogue series is the networking of high-ranking German and French representatives from politics, economy, research and civil society.

The Franco-German dialogue series is funded by the German Federal Foreign Office as well as the Gemeinnützige Hertie-Stiftung and carried out by the Hertie School’s Jacques Delors Centre. The series seeks to enhance Franco-German cooperation in line with the aims of the Aachen Treaty.

The dialogue comprises the following three formats:

The Pariser Platz Dialogue brings together renowned German and French representatives from economy, politics, research and civil society for a two-day long exchange. This event provides a confidential atmosphere for participants to discuss political and societal processes of transformation and challenges. The Pariser Platz Dialogue takes place at the Pariser Platz in Berlin. The event is organised in cooperation with Gemeinnützige Hertie-Stiftung.

The exchange between research and politics is at the core of the Research Meets Politics public discussion event. Comparing perspectives, learning from each other and working on practical solutions across different disciplines bears potential which is rarely fully exploited. The guests are high-ranking German and French representatives from economy, politics, research and civil society. The event is organised in cooperation with Sciences Po.

The Franco-German Security Forum is an event that takes place every year, usually in the context of the Munich Security Conference, and offers a place to discuss current and upcoming security issues related to both countries. It brings together decision-makers from France and Germany and aims at furthering a common strategic culture, identifying areas of cooperation and paving the way for joint approaches on arising issues.